We are principally engaged in providing comprehensive multi-media contact services and contact centre system. Our current clientele are corporations in diverse sectors in Hong Kong, which are mainly telecommunications, banking and financial services, and insurance. We also serve clients in the public sector. We commenced our business in 1990, initially offering paging related services and from 1995 onwards, we have expanded our business operation by way of providing a range of outsourcing telephone answering services, contact services, information services as well as system development support services.

We operate service centres and provide multi-media contact services and system across different media, such as telephone call, fax, email and short message, with telephone call being the principal service offering. We employed over 1,000 contact service staff and operated a total of over 850 workstations in three contact service centres in Hong Kong. We provide a comprehensive range of contact services and system, which include inbound contact service and outbound contact service that are outsourced to us by our clients, staff insourcing service (or secondment service), contact service centre facilities management service, and contact centre system solution including software and system research and development and support. In providing the aforesaid services to our clients, we use the WISE-xb System, which is our proprietary product developed and enhanced by us since 2000.

The WISE-xb System is an all-in-one multi-media contact centre system which comprises a suite of software programs built on a digital telephony platform. It combines CTI, ACD, IVR, VoIP, voice logging, voice monitoring, preview and predictive dialling and skill-based call routing functions all on the same system.


The principle services of the Group include:

Outsourcing Inbound Contact Service

The Group provides multi-media inbound contact service which our clients outsource to us. The outsourcing inbound contact services we provide include general enquiry hotlines, promotion hotlines, customer service hotlines, order hotlines, registration hotlines, emergency hotlines and helpdesk hotlines. Our inbound operation covers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Outsourcing Outbound Contact Service

The Group based on the call lists provided by our clients to perform outsourcing outbound contact services including telemarketing services, customer retention services, cross-selling and customer satisfaction surveys. These services are carried out at calling hours specified by our clients.

Staff Insourcing Service

We provide our clients with contact service staff for customer service, telemarketing, data entry and other backend support. Contact service staff that meets the required qualification and requirements is assigned to work at our clients’ contact service centres or other designated premises to help our clients in the operation of their contact services or business.

Contact Service Centre Facilities Management Service

The contact service centre facilities management service is comprised of three types of service including (a) leasing of our contact centre facilities in form of workstation, (b) IVRS hosting service and (c) contact centre system hosting solution. The workstation leasing service comes in two models namely, “shared” or “fully dedicated” in terms of physical and system set up. The IVRS hosting service is a total outsourcing solution that covers all aspects of providing an IVR service including call flow design, system setup, telecommunication facilities, recording and system monitoring support. The contact centre system hosting solution is provided by means of the WISE-xb Contact Centre System.

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